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The categories for Local Services, Freelance Services and Buy/Sell Services are very unique, because they offer more options than many other websites. In addition to the choices that these services usually offer to consumers, our approach extends even further, so our customers would receive same services at the most inexpensive and time-saving way.
Whether you are looking for web designing services, computer services, architectural services, legal services, construction services, automotive services, medical or dental services, day care or housekeeping services, or any other freelance and local services, you will be able to include in your request a specific Budget. After your listing request is posted, it will be immediately matched with the professional who specializes in performing the work you requested, and who will be notified right away. When these providers see your posted job request with your budget, they will accept it or may even bid lower to make sure that they receive your job to save TIME & MONEY! This approach eliminates the valuable time that you as a consumer spend by shopping around and contacting several providers, then waiting for them to respond so you can explain what you need multiple times, and finally several days later you will be disappointed when they provide a much higher price than your budget allows. The bottom line is, that by contacting several providers at the same time with your job & budget request, you will save TIME & MONEY!
Just like the consumers, providers are happy to save their time and efforts by knowing about the work that you need with your budget upfront, rather than chasing a potential consumer, just to realize later that the price was over customer’s budget, who ended up walking away for a few dollars. Saving time by getting the job quickly is what gives providers work efficiency, which translates into more completed jobs, and results in higher revenue by the end of the day. brings consumers and professional providers together to save TIME & MONEY for both parties, so the BEST DEAL is attained for everyone involved!
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